If you‘re looking to avenge the fantasy football-sized hole in your pocket, you’ve come to the right place. With several elite duos, few title contenders, and several young stars poised for a breakout, this NBA season could get crazy. With this in mind, here’s a little guide to the top 150 fantasy basketball players for the 2019-2020 season.

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Keep in mind that this is NOT a list of the top 150 players in the NBA. This is based on prior seasons, injury consideration, volume, percentages, and more. Rankings based off of H2H points format.

***All statistics retrieved from Basketball Reference***

Stat projections in order of Points, Rebounds, Assists

  1. Anthony Davis (LAL/PF1): When fully healthy, AD is the clear-cut number one pick. Now that he finally got his wish to leave New Orleans, he is ready to dominate. With his heart actually in the game, saying he’s a guaranteed double double is an understatement. If he stays healthy, he is my favorite to win MVP. He recently talked about how he wanted to really focus on winning DPOY. Watch out. This only assures me more of his potential MVP run this year. He’ll be focused on both ends of the floor. He knows he is a legitimate title contender for the first time in his career and is BY FAR the most talented player LeBron has ever played with. All of this on top of the fact that he is the most talented power forward I’ve ever seen and maybe the most pure talented power forward ever. There is, however, the risk of taking him because of his injury history. Yes it is a valid argument but the risk is very worth the reward. Look for AD to have a monster year on both sides of the ball. Stat Projection: 27, 12, 4
  2. Giannis Antetokounmpo (MIL/SF1,PF2): Although I vouch for AD at 1, Giannis is never a bad pick there either. The reigning MVP will continue to dominate the East night in and night out. He is bigger, faster, and stronger than last year and has really worked on his jump shot. After winning 60 games, he had a tough loss in the East finals to the Raptors. He will be looking to avenge that night in and night out. He is clutch down the stretch, has huge stat jumps in big games, and is one of the best overall people in the entire league. He can, and will, be in the MVP race once again. What’s not to love about the Greek Freak? Stat Projection: 27, 11, 6
  3. James Harden (HOU/SG1): I am very confused as to why James Harden has fallen out of the top 5 of a lot of rankings. James Harden (with Durant sidelined and LeBron getting older) is still the best one on one offensive player in the league. In fact, having Russ will help his efficiency go up because now defenses can’t triple team when he catches the ball anymore. Harden has put up historic numbers. He went a stretch of 20 games averaging over 40. He averaged over 30 for more than 30 games. Not only did he just score, he still got his rebounds (6.6 per game) and assists (7.5 per game). Now that he has Russ (another guy who gets a lot of hate), his efficiency will go up and he will continue to get similar numbers. Taking him number 1 also would not be a bad move at all. Stat Projection: 33, 5, 8
  4. Nikola Jokic (DEN/C1): If Anthony Davis gets hurt this year or under-performs, this dude is all lined up to win the MVP. He was 3 assists shy of averaging a triple double… as a center… think about that. He turned it up even higher once he got to the playoffs. His actual per game numbers went up but it was the percentages that were even more impressive. Through 14 playoff games he was a near 50-40-90 guy (50% field goal, 40% on 3’s, and 90% free throws). He missed it by 8% at the line but he was a 50-40-90 through 10 games. That is a pretty good sample size too. It’s not like he just went nuts for 4 games and got eliminated. They were the 1 seed for most of the season before getting bounced by Portland. All of the qualifications for MVP will be there for Jokic. His team will be top 5 in the west, he stuffs the stat sheet, and the team is significantly better with him on the floor. If you can get him at 7, that’s an absolute steal. Stat Projection: 22, 12, 8
  5. Russell Westbrook (HOU/PG1): So many of these rankings I’ve been seeing have Russ outside the top 10. Is this some kind of bad joke? Worried about the two most ball dominant guys in the league being on the same team? Don’t. Even when Harden and Russ played with KD in OKC, Russ still averaged 24, 6, and 5. He has been a top 5 fantasy player for the past 5 years and will not slow down any time soon. Still worried about him playing alongside an MVP candidate? He already did it last year with Paul George… and he still finished as one of the top fantasy players. So if he falls to you at the back end of your first round, you should scream with happiness… and then find smarter friends. STOP THE RUSS HATE. Stat Projection: 23, 11, 8
  6. Karl-Anthony Towns: (MIN/C2): KAT is and will continue to be the top dog in Minnesota. With Jimmy Butler completely gone, KAT will have a ridiculous amount of volume. With their second best player being one of the biggest enigmas in NBA history in Andrew Wiggins, KAT will dominate on both sides of the ball. After Jimmy was traded to Philly, his points sky-rocketed. He will continue to dominate because of his volume and raw talent. Stat Projection: 25, 13, 3
  7. LeBron James (LAL/SF1): Last year I fell into the trap of being on the “he’s getting a little too old to be playing at his normal high level” train. But, of course, LeBron played at one of the highest levels of his career. Before he got hurt, he was one of the top fantasy options. If he can stay healthy this year, him and AD will both blow up. LeBron can’t not be a top 10 guy this year… right? Stat Projection: 24, 7, 8
  8. Stephen Curry (GSW/PG2): With Durant gone and Klay Thompson out for most of the year, look for Curry to continue his consistency but with more volume. The chemistry with De’Angelo Russell will take some time to get used to. So look for Curry to have a more-than-usual stat stuffer season. If Golden State is going to prevail in the West, they have to rely heavily on Curry to score 30+ and put up an MVP season. Luckily for Golden State, their franchise player is more than capable. Stat Projection: 29, 5, 6
  9. Kyrie Irving (BKN/PG3): A lot of rankings have Kyrie around the 15-19 mark. Kyrie will have a crazy amount of volume with the Nets this year. He and their two bigs will dominate the pick and roll. He will have elite shooters to throw the ball to in Dinwiddie and Joe Harris on the wing and another play-maker to slightly take the load off of him in Caris LeVert. With KD more than likely to miss the season, Kyrie is going to absolutely stuff the stat sheet this year. Despite his chemistry issues in Boston, he was highly efficient. In fact, it was the most efficient he’s ever been. Look for him to continue with that, but be playing in a place he actually wants to be. If you can get him anywhere past the 12 spot, it would be a big victory for your team. Stat Projections: 26, 5, 7
  10. Joel Embiid (PHI/C3): Obviously, the injury concern with Embiid is the only blemish here. He improved on his total games played last year. However, keep in mind that Philly is going to be VERY good. Far better than last year. Towards the end of their season, Embiid will get a good amount of rest…the time that perfectly correlates with fantasy playoffs. Keep that in mind. However, he will dominate all bigs in the East this year. Considering the only person who could guard him now plays beside him, he will have a clear path to another All NBA selection. Draft with caution but still draft him (obviously). Stat Projection: 27, 13, 3
  11. Andre Drummond (DET/C4): Andre Drummond is a MUST HAVE. He is so underrated. He has improved his free throws, handles, and jumper (even though he shouldn’t take them). He will continue to be at a high level with D Rose and Blake by his side. The only fantasy flaw he really has is his free throw percentage (which will go up). But he is a guaranteed double double and should be a top priority in your draft. Stat Projection: 17, 15, 2
  12. Nikola Vucevic (ORL/C5): Another must-have. Vucevic just signed a big extension with the Magic and will continue to be their number one option on offense. If you’re playing with the casual basketball fan, he will fall to you. He could very well crack the top 10 fantasy rankings by the end of the year. With Orlando being one of the best defensive teams in the East, look for Vucevic to dominate night in and night out. If you’re in a 12 team league, look possibly pair Drummond and Vuc and be set for the whole season on bigs. Stat Projection: 22, 13, 5
  13. Paul George (LAC/SF2): Coming off of an all NBA year and the 3rd place finisher for MVP, PG13 looks to be more of a title contender than ever before. In my life time, the two best two-way players in the league haven’t been on the same team… until now. It will be extremely interesting to see how his, as well as Kawhi’s, offensive stats play out with the amount of talent they have around them. His shoulder injury should be noted but also not worried about too much. He played through a partially torn tendon in his shooting shoulder so if he could do that, he’ll recover just fine. Look for George and Kawhi both to be taken a little bit higher than they probably should. Especially since they have the most talented team in the league when healthy. Stat Projection: 26, 7, 4
  14. Damian Lillard (POR/PG4): Let me preface by saying this… I really wish I could put him higher. Why don’t more people want to play with this dude? He has the heart of a champion, is loyal, unselfish, lets his game do the talking, and does everything right on and off the court. Like why aren’t more guys wanting to play with this dude? He deserves an elite running mate. Imagine if a guy like him and Jokic joined forces? Sheesh. Anyway, enough about my love for him. He will never not be a bad pick in fantasy. He is usually pretty steady when it comes to his per-game stats but I think his assist numbers might go up this year. He still has his running mate at the 2 guard, a Hassan Whiteside who actually seems like he’ll give effort this year, and more wing shooters than they did last year. Insert Kent Bazemore and Rodney Hood and you got yourself more Dame assists. Side note… watch out for Anfernee Simmons. That dude it legit…and he is coming, trust me. Look for Dame to have another all NBA year and Portland to be right in the mix in a gauntlet Western Conference. Stat Projection: 26, 9, 4
  15. Kawhi Leonard (LAC/SF3): In one of the craziest LeBron-esque playoff runs in recent memory, reigning finals MVP Kawhi Leonard looks to show everyone why he should be the number one player in the world. He was unconscious throughout the playoffs and, what nobody seems to talk about, did it while being seriously bothered by his leg. Seriously, go back and watch the tape… the dude was literally limping around the floor practically every game from the 3rd quarter on. He is the best two-way player in the world but he will need his load management. He has gotten it every year so far and it will be no different this year. He plays every game during the NBA playoffs (of course) but will take load management games off during fantasy playoffs and throughout the season. Now, he won’t miss half the games or something crazy like that but it is something to think about when drafting him. I am, as mentioned before, unsure as to how him and PG will disperse the offensive load given how good the Clippers will be on both sides of the ball. Stat Projection: 24, 7, 5
  16. Ben Simmons (PHI/PG5): The ultimate stat stuffer, Simmons will be able to pass to whoever he wants, whenever he wants. The Sixers have the best starting 5 in the league and his numbers will be extravagant once again. This is a guy who is worth the reach in all leagues. If these videos of him shooting 3’s are legit and he can translate it to games, this could be a heck of a year for Philly. However, it isn’t that simple. Ben will shoot more of them this year for sure but he will miss a heck of a lot more than he makes. With this in mind, his percentages will get lower because of the -1 for each missed shot. Regardless, he is one of the few elite all around stat stuffers in all of basketball and should be taken probably even higher than I have him ranked. Stat Projection: 16, 9, 9.
  17. Bradley Beal (WAS/SG2): Talk about a guy who will continue to get a lot of volume. After being snubbed of All NBA honors, Beal is looking to show everyone why he is one of the best 25 guys in the league. With Thomas Bryant emerging and rookie Rui Hachimura looking to get a lot of reps, look for Beal to take control night in and night out. He will take, and make, a lot of shots for this team. With John Wall’s future still up in the air, Brad Beal is a great back end second round guy who will play the entire season. After playing all 82 games in back-to-back years, look for him to be one of those high volume guys for your team. Stat Projection: 26, 4, 5
  18. Jimmy Butler (MIA/SF4): The number one guy in Miami, Jimmy should go back to his stats in his Chicago days of 20+ points, 5+ rebounds, and 4+ assists. He is playing with a group of young Heat players whom he will grow fond of very quickly. Jimmy is probably going to be the happiest he ever has been playing basketball. He will be their undoubted leader and will show the young guys the grit and toughness they need to get better. You’d be in good shape if you can couple one of the top 5 guys with him at the back end of the 2nd round. Stat Projection: 23, 5, 5
  19. Julius Randle (NYK/PF3): So you thought this would be Zion Williamson right? Wrong…. very wrong. Julius Randle is going to absolutely dominate this year. After being a consistent double double guy last year and now being the undoubted number 1 guy in New York, Randle is going to put potential Kevin Love T-Wolves-esque numbers. Okay… maybe we’re not there yet. But he is still going to play a lot of minutes and take a lot of shots. That young core of Mitchell Robinson, Kevin Knox, and RJ Barrett will be fun to watch play alongside Randle. He will lead the team in scoring and is an excellent option. He will more than likely fall to the 3rd round so keep that in mind. Look to get him at value. If you’re a betting gal/guy, you could throw money on him to win the MVP. Total dark horse but hey… who knows? Stat Projections: 23, 10, 4
  20. Deandre Ayton (PHO/C6): Bigs are so valuable in H2H formats. Because he played in Phoenix during his rookie year, he didn’t get a whole lot of recognition (partly because of how unreal Luka was). However, he definitely should. This dude will be playing a lot of minutes on a really bad team. Him and Booker will get the freedom to shoot their shots. He was a steal in last years fantasy drafts and he will be available in 3rd or maybe even 4th round this year. Stat Projection: 18, 12, 2
  21. Rudy Gobert (UTA/C7): There’s always those consistent guys that you rub your hands together and take a sigh of relief when they fall to you; Rudy Gobert is that guy. You know exactly what you are going to get. He is a night in and night out double double and an elite rim protector. A guy who would be much higher in roto formats, Gobert looks to take a rejuvenated Jazz team for a deep playoff run. Ol’ reliable is never a bad pick. Stat Projection: 15, 13, 2
  22. Blake Griffin (DET/PF4): Even here he might be too low. Coming off probably the best year of his career, Blake looks to continue his all NBA performance into this season. Him and Drummond will continue to lead a middle-low end team in the east. He will be their clear-cut number one guy on offense and, barring any injury, should produce at a high level once again. Stat Projection: 23, 7, 3
  23. Kemba Walker (BOS/PG6): Can we all agree that we are hyped for Kemba that he is finally out of that nightmare that is the Charlotte Hornets? Although he is not quite the basketball player Kyrie is, he fits Brad Stevens system very well. As we all know, scoring point guards do very well in the system. With Tatum ready for a breakout year and Gordon Hayward ready to be his normal self, Kemba will flourish in Boston. Potentially, his assist numbers can and will go up. Look for Kemba to be VERY under the radar in most drafts. ESPN has him ranked at 37 right now (isn’t that crazy?) Stat projection: 22, 8, 3
  24. Kevin Love (CLE/C8): Kevin Love has a rookie and a sophomore in his backcourt. He is the best player on a bad team and it’s not even close. If he can stay healthy, he’ll be a night in and night out double-double guy. He could very well finish in the top 15 if he plays enough games. Love has a very good history when he is the number one option. Just go look at his numbers in Minnesota (which seems like forever ago) and last year when he came back from injury. Stat Projection: 18, 11, 2
  25. LaMarcus Aldridge (SAS/PF5): The Spurs are in a tough situation. They have Murray coming back (which is great). However, the chemistry will take some time and by the time they figure things out, they’ll be a first round exit yet again (although they gave Denver a run for their money). One thing is for sure: Aldridge will keep doing his thing. He is a consistent double double guy. The only reason he isn’t higher is because I always have injury worries with him. Another consistent big to target later in round 3 or early round 4. Stat Projections: 20, 9, 2
  26. Zach LaVine (CHI/SG3)
  27. Draymond Green (GSW/PF6)
  28. Luka Doncic (DAL/SG4)
  29. DeMar DeRozan (SAS/SG5)
  30. Devin Booker (PHO/SG6)
  31. Clint Capela (HOU/C9)
  32. Pascal Siakam (TOR/PF7)
  33. Chris Paul (OKC/PG7)
  34. Domantas Sabonis (IND/PF8)
  35. Jrue Holiday (NOLA/PG8)
  36. Trae Young (ATL/PG9)
  37. John Collins (ATL/PF9)
  38. Steven Adams (OKC/C10)
  39. De’Aaron Fox (SAC/PG10)
  40. DeAndre Jordan (BKN/C11)
  41. Hassan Whiteside (POR/C12)
  42. Kyle Lowry (TOR/PG11)
  43. Marc Gasol (TOR/C13)
  44. Mike Conley (UTA/PG12)
  45. Tobias Harris (PHI/SF5)
  46. Khris Middleton (MIL/SF6)
  47. Al Horford (PHI/PF10)
  48. Ja Morant (MEM/PG13)
  49. Donovan Mitchell (UTA/SG7)
  50. Jayson Tatum (BOS/SF7)
  51. Danilo Gallinari (OKC/SF8)
  52. RJ Barrett (NYK/SG8)
  53. Zion Williamson (NOLA/PF11)
  54. Lauri Markkanen (CHI/SF9)
  55. De’Angelo Russell (GSW/PG14)
  56. Marvin Bagley III (SAC/PF12)
  57. Jaren Jackson Jr. (MEM/PF13)
  58. Willie Cauley-Stein (GSW/C14)
  59. CJ McCollum (POR/SG9)
  60. Kristaps Porzingis (DAL/PF14)
  61. Aaron Gordon (ORL/PF15)
  62. Montrezl Harrell (LAC/C15)
  63. Jamal Murray (DEN/ PG15)
  64. Wendell Carter Jr. (CHI/PF16)
  65. Eric Bledsoe (MIL/PG16)
  66. Myles Turner (IND/C16)
  67. Serge Ibaka (TOR/PF17)
  68. Jonas Valanciunas (MEM/C17)
  69. Buddy Hield (SAC/SG11)
  70. Malcolm Brogdon (IND/SG10)
  71. Jusuf Nurkic (POR/C18)
  72. Victor Oladipo (IND/SG11)
  73. Enes Kanter (BOS/C19)
  74. Bam Adebayo (MIA/C20)
  75. Jarrett Allen (BKN/C21)
  76. Paul Millsap (DEN/PF18)
  77. Derrick Rose (DET/PG17)
  78. Otto Porter Jr. (CHI/SF10)
  79. Terry Rozier (CHA/PG18)
  80. Tristan Thompson (CLE/C22)
  81. Lou Williams (LAC/SG12)
  82. Kyle Kuzma (LAL/PF19)
  83. Caris LeVert (BKN/SF11)
  84. Mitchell Robinson (NYK/C23)
  85. Derrick Favors (NOLA/PF20)
  86. Lonzo Ball (NOLA/PG19)
  87. Thaddeus Young (CHI/SF12)
  88. JaVale McGee (LAL/C24)
  89. Brandon Ingram (NOLA/SF13)
  90. Andrew Wiggins (MIN/SF14)
  91. Jeff Teague (MIN/PG20)
  92. Josh Richardson (PHI/SG13)
  93. Dewayne Dedmon (SAC/C25)
  94. Dejounte Murray (SAS/PG21)
  95. Gordon Hayward (BOS/SF15)
  96. TJ Warren (IND/SF16)
  97. Jeremy Lamb (IND/SG14)
  98. Jarrett Culver (MIN/SG15)
  99. Jerami Grant (DEN/SF17)
  100. Larry Nance Jr. (CLE/PF21)
  101. Klay Thompson (GSW/SG16) *His injury is up in the air right now. Risky to take a shot at him early*
  102. Darius Garland (CLE/PG22)
  103. Collin Sexton (CLE SG16)
  104. Dwight Howard (LAL/C26)
  105. Bobby Portis (NYK/PF22)
  106. Spencer Dinwiddie (BKN/PG23)
  107. Bojan Bogdanovic (UTA/SF18)
  108. JJ Redick (NOLA/SG17)
  109. Justice Winslow (MIA/SF19)
  110. DJ Augustin (ORL/PG24)
  111. Thomas Bryant (WAS/C27)
  112. Jabari Parker (ATL/SF20)
  113. Coby White (CHI/PG25)
  114. Will Barton (DEN/SF21)
  115. Goron Dragic (MIA/PG26)
  116. Cody Zeller (CHA/C28)
  117. Harrison Barnes (SAC/SF22)
  118. Tim Hardaway Jr. (DAL/SG18)
  119. Trevor Ariza (SAC/ SF23)
  120. Marcus Morris (NYK/SF24)
  121. Jaylen Brown (BOS/SG19)
  122. Ricky Rubio (PHO/PG27)
  123. Kyle Anderson (MEM/SF25)
  124. Joe Harris (BKN/SG20)
  125. Dario Saric (MIN/PF23)
  126. Gary Harris (DEN/SG21)
  127. Reggie Jackson (DET/PG28)
  128. Brook Lopez (MIL/C29)
  129. Rajon Rondo (LAL/PG29)
  130. Evan Fournier (ORL/SG22)
  131. Ivica Zubac (LAC/C30)
  132. Tomas Satoransky (CHI/SG23)
  133. Mason Plumlee (DEN/C31)
  134. Dennis Schroder(OKC/PG30)
  135. Rui Hachimura (WAS/SF26)
  136. Danny Green (LAL/SG24)
  137. Shai-Gilgeous Alexander (OKC/PG31)
  138. Derrick White (SAS/PG32)
  139. Pat Beverley (LAC/PG33)
  140. Jae Crowder (Mem/SF27)
  141. Anfernee Simmons (POR/PG34)
  142. Nicolas Batum (CHA/SF28)
  143. Kelly Olynyk (MIA/PF24)
  144. De’Andre Hunter (ATL/SF29)
  145. Robert Covington (MIN/SF30)
  146. Cedi Osman (CLE/SF31)
  147. Jonathan Isaac (ORL/SF32)
  148. Terrence Ross (ORL/SG25)
  149. Dennis Smith Jr. (NYK/PG35)
  150. Taurean Prince (BKN/SF33)

This will be updated in the weeks leading up to the season.

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