by: Bryce Wadsworth

Big news in the football world right now, “Big Ben” Roethlisberger underwent season ending right elbow surgery. This means that young buck 2nd string QB, Mason Rudolph will get a chance to showcase his skills.

Rudolph, a 3rd round pick in 2018, sat behind Josh Dobbs and Big Ben for his entire rookie season and has been vastly overlooked by NFL scouts and GMs. For those who don’t know the kid, he was a star at Oklahoma State; here is a quick collection of stats from Sports Reference.

  • 65% completion percentage
  • 4,904 passing yards
  • 37 TDs
  • 9 INTs

These stats from him senior year are quite impressive, especially with the competition in the Big12. However, the film is even more incredible. I’ll drop some clips from important games and my film evaluation from my 2017 scouting report below.

Now, this is not ALL of the game film I used to evaluate Mason, but these clips get my scouting report point across. With that being said, here was my 2017 evaluation:

The Good: 

– Rudolph has an outstanding deep ball. While I watched his film, he would hit his receivers on 40+ yard throws IN STRIDE several times a game. This kind of talent is unreal, rarely do quarterbacks have the ability to throw the deep ball that accurately. Deep Ball Comparison? Aaron Rodgers. Yup, I went there. 

– Although he is more of a pocket passer, Rudolph has very good footwork and mobility for his size. He doesn’t posses any type of superb speed or athleticism, but he consistently makes plays with his feet to either extend the pocket or escape from pressure. Even when he escapes pass-rushers, he has the ability to read downfield and make a good throw on the run. 

– Rudolph is also very accurate. In his film, you can see him consistently make tough throws on streaks, corners, comebacks, and deep out routes. Of course he makes bad throws here and there, but more often than not, he is very accurate with the football.


– Unfortunately, Rudolph is part of a 1 read system and he will need to develop the ability to go through a “pro style” progressions. This hurts his stock in a minimal way, but he still has the intangibles to be successful as long as he is able to develop this stage of his mental game. 

– Although he is very accurate, when he does happen to throw a bad pass, it is high. Next level players in the secondary are going to be able to pick off these types of overthrows. On top of this, he shows a lack of power in his throws. Way too many times, he lobs his passes. It was rare to see him throw a bullet pass, which is something he absolutely needs to develop. In the NFL corners, safeties, and even linebackers will be able to easily jump these lobs and intercept them. 

Overall, Mason Rudolph is a very intriguing prospect. He possesses all the intangibles to be a star, but he also has A LOT to develop if he wants to have that level of success.  In my personal ranking, I have Rudolph as the #2 draft prospect at QB. 

Keep in mind, I wrote that report in 2017. So he was in the same draft class as Lamar Jackson, Sam Darnold, Baker Mayfield, and so on. I really liked Rudolph in the draft and I had a strong feeling that the former #5 pro-style recruit in high school would have the potential to become a star in the league and now he will get his chance with 14 games as an NFL starter.

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