By: Jake Goldman

Image via Getty Images

Declining to negotiate with Ramsey and forcing him to play on the 5th year of his rookie scale contract was the beginning of the end for the Jaguars. In 2016, the Jaguars began to build the defense they have today when they drafted Ramsey 5th overall. Taking anyone 5th overall, let alone a Cornerback, is a huge investment that cannot be overlooked. Now, the Jaguars will never be able to recoup on that investment, why wouldn’t you lock up one of the best corners in the game? The move just screams bad management and emotional overreaction when dealing with a 24 year old guy.

*Taken from ProFootballReference

Let’s set aside the contract situation, and talk in terms of play. Over the last four years, few have been as stout as Ramsey on the outside. He shadows the other teams best receiver and does well with that assignment. His stats above do not lie. He does not miss games, he plays the role of top corner on his team, and plays in a scheme that doesn’t hide him on the field. He plays the best of the best and has shown he is among them. How about we put it this way. How much would you pay someone to hold DeAndre Hopkins to 5 catches 48 yards on 13 targets? Personally, I’d back up the Brinks trucks 100 times over. Elite talent at a premiere position, at a young age.

Let’s talk the supposed character concerns that Ramsey is diagnosed with. Since being drafted in 2016, he has not missed a game. He has not been arrested or suspended by the league. Essentially, people dislike him because he talks the talk all day, but does that matter when he plays the way he does? Name a top cornerback in this league that does not have an edge to them. Richard Sherman, Josh Norman, and Marcus Peters all have varying levels of edginess to their game, and simply stated it’s what makes them great. Letting go of one of the best corners in the game, who you drafted 5th overall just 3 years ago for a middling first round pick and some other assets will not help the Jaguars move forward. The Jaguars seem to be a team that reached their peak in the 2017 AFC Championship game and their demise has been just as quick.