Eric Fisher just signed a 1 year 9.4 million dollar deal with the Indianapolis Colts to be their replacement LT for the recently retired Anthony Castonzo.

This news came as a huge relief to many after Indy didn’t spend any early round picks on a tackle in a very deep 2021 offensive line class. However, I really like how the Colts spent their draft picks.

Adding two potentially elite pass rushers is a fun idea, and was honestly our biggest need overall as a team. Plus, they added some young offensive weapons with a ton of athletic ability and even grabbed an intriguing OT prospect late in the draft in Will Fries. Then, to come out of the draft with so many of the big analysts scratching their heads and get a high quality starter and former first overall selection in Eric Fisher was huge.

The number one concern and the biggest critique of this signing by others has been the injury. In January, Fisher tore his achillies tendon and missed the Chiefs’ trip to the Super Bowl. So, people are questioning whether he will:

1. Be back in time for the season and

2. Be productive enough to be worth the money

The first point is fair to call out, but I don’t think that the Colts would have signed him over other solid options like Charles Leno Jr. if they weren’t confident that Fisher could be a week one starter.

As far as production value, I understand that an achillies injury at this point in a left tackle’s career may be damaging, but Fisher has been one of the better tackles in the NFL as of recent. With a 2018 pro bowl appearance and only 3 sacks allowed in 2020 in over 1,000 snaps played, I think it’s safe to say he’ll be a very good starter on an already great Colts offensive front. With Quenton Nelson alongside Fisher on the left side of the line, it’s safe to say he will have formidable help even with some injury related regression.

Overall, I really like the move for Indy. General Manager Chris Ballard always harps on the idea of drafting the right guys and not forcing a pick just because it’s a need, and his resume thus far while in charge of the Colts speaks for itself. He has completely transformed this roster with young talent all across the board and used free agency appropriately to fill needs at times. This was one of those times and it just makes sense for them to fill such an important job with a veteran starter in a season where the Colts look like legitimate Super Bowl contenders.